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Luvona Launches Signature Jewelry Service - Luvona

Luvona Launches Signature Jewelry Service

| Andrew Moquin
If there is anything that we've learned from the last few years is that life is precious.  Love is all we have in the end, that's why Luvona launched a new program to help you carry a piece of your loved ones with you every day. Read about our new Signature Jewelry Service.

Recently, we received a phone call from a customer who told us that her mother had passed.  She explained that the two of them had a wonderful relationship and that her mother meant the world to her.  She further added that it was important to carry a piece of her mom with her always.  This customer was very frustrated though, and she explained that she had hired 2 different jewelers to create an idea that she had in mind.  Unfortunately, the jewelers couldn't do what she wanted done and the items turned out poorly.

The problem with many jewelers whether local or online is that they either afraid to tell a customer that something is a bad idea, or they just want to make a quick sale.  So, they don't gently steer the customer in the right direction when it comes to their ideas.  Not every idea is a good one, and "The customer isn't always right!" is a theme that a good jewelry designer must embrace with kindness.  Our customer wanted us to make a cut-out of her mother's handwriting.  She sent us a picture of her mother's salutation "Love Mom" and asked if we could replicate it as pierced-out pendant.  

I explained to the customer that the handwriting would become distorted because it would need to be thickened to make it strong enough to make jewelry out of.  This would make her mother's handwriting unfamiliar to her, defeating the purpose of the jewelry memento.  I suggested that we create a sideways tag in a chic design and use our laser engraver to reproduce "Love Mom" exactly as it appeared time and time again on the greeting cards her mother lovingly sent to her.

She cautiously agreed to the idea, but I ensured her that I would take great care to produce something that she would cherish for many years to come.  I also told her, that it's not enough to simply make a custom item for her.  It should also be fashionable and something she could wear often; I further assured her that this was my intent.  So, we scanned her mom's salutation and vectorized the artwork so that it would maintain it's sharpness and accuracy.  Next, we assembled the necklace and then placed it in our laser engraving department for cutting.  

It turned out beautifully and the customer was elated with the end result.  Luvona is capable of replicating loved one's signatures, handwriting, and fingerprints in tastefully designed jewelry.  If you want to learn more about the process call us at 716-912-9444 and Luvona designer will guide you through the process.