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We've Expanded our Customization Services - Luvona

Luvona Expands Custom Jewelry Services

| Andrew Moquin
Demand for our custom jewelry design services continues to expand.  Luvona is responding to consumer demand with increased customization services.

With the rise of websites like Etsy, the retail industry has been changed forever.  Consumers today aren't happy with mass produced Chinese made products that are found easily at Amazon and Walmart. They long for items unique to their lifestyle and personal story.  The phrases custom-made and made-in-the-usa have become even more meaningful.

There is something very special about an item custom-made for a consumer by USA craftsman.  Jewelry makers in the United States are the finest in the world, they have an eye for stylish design while crafting their ideas to the highest quality standards.  This is very appealing to someone seeking meaningfully jewelry that they can cherish for many generations to come.  Luvona embraces this same notion and since we're in the business of meaningful jewelry, it only makes sense that we offer full jewelry customization services.

Jewelry Wax Patterns

In recent months we've launched an in-house foundry, where we forge jewelry castings on-site.  This allows us to provide custom jewelry services very quickly and to the highest degree of quality because we're performing all the work ourselves.  Every step of the jewelry making process is done by Luvona in our workshops.  This includes artwork & design, 3d printing/prototyping, casting, and setting the gemstones or diamonds.  There is nothing we can't do in our factory, and we pride ourselves in the quality of the items that we make for our wonderful customers. 

For some that have never purchased custom jewelry, knowing where to begin is a bit daunting. If you're having trouble, start by collecting images from the internet of items that you like.  You don't have to like every aspect of each item, even one tiny detail is enough to put it in your storyboard. That's really what you're doing.....creating a storyboard.  You'll take the images that you've collected and send them to the jeweler that you want to work with.  These images become good talking points and will give the jeweler the much-needed input to help flesh out final concepts. 

If you aren't sure where to start you should visit our custom jewelry design page.  Here'll get more ideas on how Luvona can custom design your personalized jewelry.  You can also call our main number and ask to speak to a designer, we'll give you some preliminary information and start you on your custom jewelry journey.  Many people assume custom jewelry is expensive, but you should know that our prices are fair and the quality is amazing.